Technical Working Group (TWG)

AdobePdf Terms of Reference – Asian and Pacific Network for Testing of Agricultural Machinery (ANTAM), Adopted, 4 December 2015, New Delhi

Functions & Responsibilities

ANTAM Technical Working Group (TWG) is composed of technical experts in the field of agricultural engineering machinery testing. National experts are nominated by participating countries once a year.

TWG members are responsible for developing and updating ANTAM Test Codes, actively conduct technical consultations by contributing with national expertise when relevant. In addition, TWG members are in charged of providing technical support to the Secretariat.


Eligibility Criteria

The nominations for the TWG members should meet the following criteria:

  • Candidacy for TWG membership must be presented by ANTAM Focal points and must be approved by competent agencies in the national government. No self- presented nomination can be accepted;
  • Minimum 10 years of experience in testing of farm machinery and equipment both in laboratory and in field. Specifically, related to tractor ROPS, power tillers, sprayers, post-harvest processing and irrigation equipment;
  • Extensive experiences in equipment evaluation, repair and technical service, R&D on test and evaluation, and familiar with ISO/OECD test codes and procedures;
  • Able to contribute effectively to the work of the TWG;
  • Fluent in English.


Name List of ANTAM TWG Members 

Power Tiller Sub-working Group  (As of April 2015)

Name Country
Dr. Israil Hossain Bangladesh
Mr. Sinh Chao Cambodia
Mr. Zhang Xiaochen China
Dr. C. R. Lohi India
Mr. Jandool Khan Pakistan
Mr. Darwin Aranguren Philippines
Dr. Vadim Pronin Russia
Dr. Anuchit Chamsing Thailand


Powered Knapsack Misters-Cum-Dusters Sub-working Group (As of April 2015)

Name Country
Mr. Zhang Xiaochen China
Dr. Douzals Jean-Paul France
Dr. K. N. Agrawal India
Ms. Ayesha Herath Sri Lanka
Mr. Ngo Van Phuong Vietnam